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Born 1984, Alix Philippe is a Belgian figurative painter who lives and works in London

Philippe’s initial inspiration comes from places and characters found in her daily life. Her paintings depict isolated people often represented from the back, creating both a mystery and a sensation of proximity with the viewer. As within a storyboard, the artist creates moments in between, telling us stories without a beginning or an end.

After a few years living in and witnessing the hustle and bustle of London, Philippe had the desire of creating an autobiographic work and questioning the notion of anonymity and uprooting she observed in the city.

In Roses in the shadow, by including and focusing on the intimacy of the characters, Philippe does not only immortalise moments of the daily life but more so the people.

Albeit the recognisable image depicted in the painting is an element to experiment with, Philippe creates a new reality and gives a new life to her characters through the painting process. Her work gives another dimension to the banality and platitude of the daily routine.


1999-2014 : Academy of Fine Arts, Boitsfort, Brussels, living model and urban art workshops

2002-2008 : Law, University of Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

2005-2006 : Comics, Institute Saint-Luc, Brussels

2008-2009 : Fashion Design, E.S.A., Institute Saint-Luc, Brussels

2014-1015 : Masters in Art Business, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London